I see the dawn of a new beginning 

Something New – Axwell /\ Ingrosso 

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I think that I haven’t yet come to realise what I’ve just accomplished and what this trip has done to me as a person and human being. I’ve been through both good and hard times, both tough and easy days, friendly people and kids throwing rocks at me. All this diversity and all these contrasts has truly been a life changing experience unprecedented to anything I’ve either seen nor done during my whole life. 

And now I’m sitting here at the airport in Cape Town, getting ready to board the plane back to reality, and I think to myself: ”what have I learnt from all these experiences”. Some things I will probably realise a couple of weeks after my arrival back home to Sweden. But what I do know that I’ve learnt from these experiences is that I can handle and do so much more than what I first thought was even possible for myself. Cycling for several days in a row, some times under harsh conditions, living with almost no facilities such as running water or bathrooms, things that I’ve always been taking for granted and always have been easily accessible. 

After experiences like this I’ve come to appreciate all the simple things in life and you don’t need to always have the newest and best of everything. 

I’m now going back home with a lot of new experiences that  I hope is gonna help me with the challenges I’m gonna have to face in the future.

For me the end of the Tour d’Afrique marks a new beginning, and the start of new challenges. 

Tour d’Afrique, riders and staff, it’s been a blast! 

–>We belong to something new<–

 Something New – Axwell /\ Ingrosso

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